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June 15, 2009 - Computer

Welcome to my turoial on how to start multiple programs using one shortcut. You may probably be wondering how this is possible. Well this tutorial will use a language from MS-DOS called batch. I am not sure whether it is “language”, but I do know that it is a way to program for MS-DOS. Batch is simply a way to run several MS-DOS commands with just one command. All batch files are run through Command Prompt, but they can be accessed with shortcuts also. Here are a few requirements for this tutorial.


Ok, let’s go on and start our tutorial.

First, open up Notepad and start a new document. We will put all of our code here.

First we need to turn off command echoing. This is not neccessary, but can be quite annoying. This will only help if you are going to directly run the command through CMD.

@echo off
That will turn off our command echoing.

Now to running the programs. I will use two programs as an example. I will also use fake folders and stuff.

Type in this code after the first command.
rem Guild Wars
cd C:\Program Files\Guild Wars
start gw.exe
rem Firefox
cd C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
start firefox.exe

That code will change to those directories then run the appropriate executable file.

Those are example directories. The rem command simply means a comment.

This is the template for the programs.
cd Path to program
start Program .exe file

That is all to run the program.
Well, let’s add one more command to close CMD after it is finished. This also will make it seem like CMD did nothing.

So our final code should look like this:
@echo off
rem Guild Wars
cd C:\Program Files\Guild Wars
start gw.exe
rem Firefox
cd C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
start firfox.exe

Ok after you have your code written, save the file as a .bat file. The file name is up to you. The file name though will be the command name. I will call mine guildfire.bat.

Ok, we have our program. What about the shortcut? Well I am going to explain that.

After you have the file saved. Be sure to remember where you saved it.

On your desktop, right click and create a new shortcut. When it asks you about the target, direct the target to the batch file we just made. Change the name and save. You just made a program starting program.

If you want to change the image
To change the shortcut’s icon, simply go to it’s properties and it should have a place to change the Icon Image. Simply change it with something like a BMP file. The best image size for the icon is about 50×50.

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