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Installing a new OS is a hassle in it’s own right. Switching an OEM key on an already deployed OS is a nightmare. No amount of wiping the hard drive is going to allow you to switch the product key. After reloading a computer with an OEM OS several times, I figured it out. In order to change to an OEM product key, you have to create two additional files for your Windows 10 live media.  The following files can be created using Notepad which Windows will then automatically load and use when it installs the new operating system.


This configuration file tell windows what edition needs to be installed. If you are trying to move from Home edition to Professional, you need to indicate Professional in this configuration file. For example, your configuration file needs to look like the following:

[EditionID] indicates the version of Windows that you would like to use.  [Channel] must be either OEM or Retail. In our example, we are using an OEM key. Finally [VL] stands for volume licensing. If it is a volume license, this should be set to 1. Otherwise, change it to 0. Save this file with the file extension of “.cfg”


This is where the produc key is typed. It must be typed in the following format:

Save it as a “.txt” file.

Saving to Image

Open your Windows 10 media and copy both of these files to \Sources. Both must be present. If you omit the el.cfg, it will not for just the new product key. Boot to your modified live media and you should be see the installation for the version of Windows you indicated in the el.cfg file. If it doesn’t load properly, ensure that your product key matches the version of Windows that you indicated in your el.cfg file.

For more information, refer to Microsoft’s guide found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/windows-setup-edition-configuration-and-product-id-files–eicfg-and-pidtxt

May 07

當你死機之後需要重裝 Windows 時你最需要的就是一個 Windows ISO 檔或者光碟 . ISO檔不難找 , 討論區上就一堆 , 不過大家最擔心的是有沒有被人下了手腳 , 由其是大陸的版本 , 都不知開了多少個後門 , 所以由 Microsoft 官方下載的就最安全 . 不過如果你要上 Microsoft 下載官方的 Windows ISO 檔是需要有 CD Key , 證明你有使用權… 這可能影響了很多人 . 今次有方法可以令你輕鬆一次過取得 Windows 7 至 Windows 10 各個版本的 ISO 檔 .

首先進入 Microsoft 的官方下載頁 : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/techbench


20160218150723如果你是 FireFox 就按下「主控台」, 然後輸入「提取碼」再按下 Enter (Chorme 用戶就按下「Console」, 然後輸入「提取碼」再按下 Enter), 這時 選項就會變成藍色 .

20160218150742你可以見到有不同版本的 Windows 7 至 Windows 10 , 你就可以選擇選擇好後按 「Confirm(WZT)」 , 就可以選擇語言版本了 , 而且提供 32-bit 及 64-bit 可選。

由於 Microsoft 可能會修正這漏洞 , 所以有需要的人就快手下載收藏吧 .

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很多人不時就會懷疑,是不是自己的iPhone訊號有問題? 才會導致的,其實不然!
撥打”*3001#12345#*” 再按下通話鍵



-50 ~ -75: 收訊非常好
-75 ~ -90: 收訊不錯
-90 ~ -110: 收訊普通
-110 ~~~: 收訊很糟或是沒訊號


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Reverting back to the old Bookmarks Manager interface is as simple as it was for reverting back to the old user profiles—using a Chrome Flag. Just go to chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment, disable the feature, and relaunch Chrome. Alternatively, you can do the following.

  1. Visit chrome://flags in the URL address box
  2. Search for “Enable Enhanced Bookmarks”
  3. Switch “Default” to “Disabled”
  4. Hit the “Relaunch Now” button
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never give up your wish, you never know when it gonna become true
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