Jun 29

Sep 09

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Sep 09

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Aug 29

Wakanda Forever!

Aug 23

that’s how homeless charge their phone From: Sorlo Chan ImageSm: https://ift.tt/31jNzWK ImageSource: https://ift.tt/31oDrvT view on Facebook
Aug 23

that’s how homeless charge their phone From: Sorlo Chan ImageSm: https://ift.tt/32mu0wj ImageSource: https://ift.tt/3glAel6 view on Facebook
Aug 06


Jul 20
Jun 16

I think most of you know me pretty well, it doesn’t matter when our paths may have crossed. Maybe some of you like me and some don’t, but if you’re on my Facebook, it’s because I like you. I would love to see if we can still chat more than just likes and actually write something to each other. Again, I decided to participate in an experiment called ” Meeting between bread.” The idea is to see who reads the post without a photo. We are so deep into technology that we forgot the most important thing: good friendship. If no one is reading this message, it will be a short social experiment. But if you finish this to the end, I would love you to comment in one or two words about us. For example: a place, an object, a person, a moment in which you remember me. Then copy this text and post it on your page (don’t share) and I’ll go to your page to leave a word that reminds me of you. Please don’t comment if you don’t have time to copy the text. This will destroy the experiment. Let’s see who spent their time to read and respond according to the request! Thank you for participating!

Jun 13


Jun 13

will US be the 2nd place that some people gonna rob the toilet paper?