youtube 1080p supported

November 16, 2009 - Computer

11-15-2009 11-42-46 PM

omg = =” youtube always making surprise
after 720p (fmt 22), now they release fmt 37 as 1080p
for people request for REAL HD
now they supported REAL HD as 1080p on youtube.
That’s mean if your HDTV to watch youtube now
however i only found 1 video as fmt 37 till today so far
[1080p fmt=37] Time Leap Paradise – Djibril / ジブリール

Tried to embed the video in fmt 37, but it seem only support on youtube
so please click the link to youtube and try it
and you’ll see it will pop an option from HD button for 1080p or 720p
11-16-2009 12-30-27 AM

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