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Removing Store Arrows in iTunes 8/9
I just installed back iTunes 9, and find out the store arrow button pop out again on fresh installation…. = =” yeah so annoying here the fix: [...]
.exe file can’t open
when you can’t open any application, .exe file it pop up “Open With” or using other junk try this linkfilerestore.reg this is registry [...]
Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Installation Wizard
Have you seen this window popup everytime when you start up your windows even you clicked “Cancel”? here the way to remove it Goto [your [...]
Start Multiple Programs With One Shortcut – Windows XP
Welcome to my turoial on how to start multiple programs using one shortcut. You may probably be wondering how this is possible. Well this tutorial will use [...]
Stuck on “acquiring network address”
TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2. For these commands, Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt. Reset WINSOCK entries to [...]
Removing Store Arrows in iTunes 8
I noticed in iTunes 8 were the store arrows were back & in previous versions, you could disable them. For whatever reason, Apple decided to remove that [...]
My Documents Folder Opens on Boot (winxp sp2)
This is not normal case on “Start > Startup” nor “msconfig Startup” nor even regedit Run… In that case, When you [...]